Point de Suisse


Representative Survey

In the first phase of the project, a representative survey was conducted in July 2015: approximately 1000 residents from all Swiss regions answered 20 questions on the most important aspects of life, on their personal situation and on their values. The representative survey was conducted by the independent market research institute specialized in media monitoring management tools. The results form the representative survey will be published here on September 2nd, 2015, and displayed visually from September 2nd to October 18th 2015 in the exhibition at the Basel Historical Museum.

Public Survey

From September 1st until October 18th 2015, a public survey will be led. You will be able to participate in the survey and compare and download your personal results with those from the representative survey. At the end of the public survey in October 2015, the results and analysis will be published here. A selection will also appear in the publication (available in December 2015).