Point de Suisse



«Point de Suisse» is a joint venture between artists and scientists. The artists received support from Prof. Dr. Ueli Mäder, Dr. Peter Streckeisen and Dr. Cédric Duchêne-Lacroix from the Sociology Institute from the University of Basel in the writing of the survey and as authors of the sociological analysis.

Other scientific advice was give by: specialist in cultural studies Prof. Dr. Walter Leimgruber, historian Prof. Dr. Albert Tanner, sociologist Prof. Dr. Dirk Baecker, sociologist Dr. Olivier Moeschler as well as political scientist Dr. Regula Stämpfli.

Further scientists are involved in the exhibition and the talks, amongst which Prof Dr. Kornelia Imesch, Prof. Dr. Georg Kreis, Claude Longchamp, Prof. Dr. Jakob Tanner, and Prof. Dr. Christa Tobler.

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