Point de Suisse

Point de Suisse Forum

Point de Suisse Forum

During the exhibition at the BHM – Basel Historical Museum, the “Point de Suisse Forum” invites visitors to a sort of alternative arena featuring a series of interesting talks: four curated discussions with experts, as well as six Point de Suisse Lunch (Talks) with regional candidates for the National Council will be organized in interaction with the audience.

Program Discussions forum
starting at 18.00 (duration: 90 minutes):

September 3: – “Where are we? ‒ Measuring Switzerland”
with Prof. Kornelia Imesch, Prof. Georg Kreis, Prof. Walter Leimgruber, Prof. Ueli Mäder. > Video

September 16: – “Who decides? ‒ Democracy: an outdated concept?”
with Dr. Rolf Bossart, Ronnie Grob, Thomas Isler, Claude Longchamp, Dr. Regula Stämpfli. > Video

September 30: – “Who are we? ‒ The good Swiss”
with Prof. Dirk Baecker, Dr. Olivier Moeschler, Prof. Jakob Tanner, Prof. Christa Tobler. > Video

October 15: – “Where are we going? ‒ Looking into Switzerland’s future”
with Frank Bodin, Anita Fetz, Dr. Marco Salvi, Dr. Peter Streckeisen. > Video

Point de Suisse Lunch (Talks) Program
starting at 12:30

September 9th: with Sarah Wyss (SP) > Video
September 16th: with Conradin Cramer (LDP) > Video
September 23rd: with Mirjam Ballmer (Green Party) > Video
September 30th: with Christian Egeler (FDP) > Video
October 7th: with Sibel Arslan (BastA!) > Video
October 14th: with Patrick Hafner (SVP) > Video